Welcome to Trading Heels for Happiness


My name is Jessica Reiter. I am a wife to my high school arch nemesis, mother to a six year old boss babe and two year old identical twin terrors. Trading Heels for Happiness was something I originally created in 2014 as a way to document my transition from employee to entrepreneur. Today, I own two home-based businesses, that have empowered me to stay home with my girls without having to sacrifice my professional passions.

I’ve grown and learned A LOT about A LOT since then so I decided it was time to rebrand and relaunch.

This will evolve because I am a believer that perfection isn’t real and that it is best to just start instead of waiting for everything to be just right.

A quick little bit about what you can expect:

  • Business Advice, more particularly in the areas of start-up, branding, social media strategy and customer service best practices.
  • Beauty, I am a lover of all things skincare, makeup, hair and fashion although I rarely have time to actually shower or get dressed.
  • Babes, expect to laugh as I share stories about ALL of my babes even my husband. I am very much a family first girl.
  • Beyond, random rants or sharing of various topics.

My goal is to help others grow in their roles as wives, mothers, and entrepreneurs.

Thank you for visiting, I hope I have shared something that inspires you.



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