5 Tips for Better Worklife Balance.

As I sit here in my bed at 11PM on a Tuesday knowing my kids will be up at 6AM; I can’t help but feel compelled to share some of the tools I use cope with work-from-home entrepreneur anxiety.

Working from home is TOUGH, my oldest daughter was home from school Monday and today which means my productivity was shot. My to-do list continues to grow but finding the time to attack it the way I normally would is next to impossible.

I made the decision to become an entrepreneur BECAUSE I wanted to be home with my girls but as time has passed I am learning that balancing my passion to be with them while running multiple businesses is difficult. Resentment toward both of my roles creeps in and creates all kinds of heart palpitating anxiety when my house is finally quite at night.

I struggle. You’d be hard-pressed to find an entrepreneur with young children that doesn’t but I have learned some ways to cope and find balance.

  1. Keep a notepad next to the bed. Tossing and turning solves nothing. We lose sleep when we feel anxious or unaccomplished. Jotting down the things I did achieve on any given day or ideas I have to improve my businesses or our families well-being helps me regain a sense of control that is lost when anxiety sets in.
  2. Rest is Best. Durning my twin pregnancy it became inevitable for me to need at least one daily nap to maintain energy levels to accommodate my lifestyle as a mom, wife, entrepreneur and leader. I was no longer capable of burning the midnight oil and then waking up to play mommy bright and early. Those catnaps taught me the benefits rest really has on a taxed mind. When I know my day is going to be long and filled with constant disruption, I make an effort to lay down in silence at some point in my day. Sometimes I fall asleep others I just allow my brain to absorb the peacefulness of the quite. I never knew how agitating constant sound can be on the brain until I had two tiny humans that need around the clock attention enter our lives on the same day. Twins have the ability to take the most mentally tough humans and break them down. There is absolutely no way I would be able to do what I am doing professionally if it weren’t for my newfound understanding of the power of rest. Rest does not make you lazy, it helps clear the way for creative thinking and productive action.
  3. Do the hard things first.  My time to be productive is limited and sparse during these toddler years with my twins. Despite them being in school part-time, when they are home they require a lot of my energy to keep them entertained. When I can find the time to sit down at my computer, I try to tackle something important and difficult to help increase that sense of accomplishment I need to be able to rest my head at night. I remember a few months back my oldest daughter coming home from school seeing me overwhelmed. “Mom, just do the hard things first; then you’ll be excited to finish the easy things.” Excellent advice from my first grader. #PROUDMOM
  4. Delegate. This used to be hard for me as I am a natural born control freak and perfectionist. I remember when I started my first business as a digital marketing consultant, I wanted to write all of the posts and create the content. Eventually I let that go and wouldn’t you know my clients never noticed a change. When I started my second business, I struggled with trusting others to help do events or train other consultants. About two years in I realized I was burning out so I started to ask for help. I was elated to see others step into their leadership lane and watch as my business grew exponentially. I have also leaned hardcore on my hardworking husband at home. There is ZERO percent chance I would have succeeded in any of my businesses without asking him to help me in an even bigger way than he already did.
  5. Success Leaves Clues. I stole that line from the most bad ass human being on this earth, Tony Robbins! Listen Now. He is my unofficial life-coach to whom without I probably would have given up on believing I could actually be a present mother and a successful entrepreneur simultaneously. Tony has taught me to work smarter not harder. To dial into my niche and focus my energy there. To look to the past for clues on how to succeed instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. To show myself grace. That failure is part of success; in fact it isn’t failure at all if you are trying. Listening to him has helped me develop a love and passion to learn from those that inspire me. I commit a lot of my “free time” to self development. One thing I have been doing recently is building muscle and mindset at the same time by listening to podcasts during my workout. I love feeling my endorphins elevate even more when I am listening to topics of interest while increasing my heart rate. Work smarter not harder.

The greatest advice I can offer is to follow your gut when it comes to your passions. If you feel yourself being pulled toward investing more time with family, then do that until you feel satisfied. If you are feeling anxious and unaccomplished in your business, take some time to do the hard things that are going to help move things in the direction of achieving your vision.

We are fortunate to live in a time where it is becoming more and more normal for parents to wear both hats from their home. Having to chose between family and career is no longer necessary thanks to the endless number of home-based business opportunities available.

If you are feeling like you are struggling to find balance, take time to jot down some things you could do differently that would help you get back on track. I hope my list can help. Save this image as a reminder of some things you can do when you are feeling overwhelmed. Share it with someone you know is struggling too.



No Looking Back!

I remember the months leading up to the big day. By the big day, I mean the day I had to walk into my bosses office and quit for the second time. You see I had left once before to pursue my dreams of becoming some big shot six figure earning outside sales rep at a Fortune 500 company. Within ten months of making that transition from small family owned business to corporate America, I realized that shit is for the birds and I am not a bird.

No offense to those of you that LOVE being a slave to quotas, cold calls and Tony Soprano like managers; it just wasn’t my jam.

Do you believe in signs, fate, divine intervention? Yeah I get it I was skeptical too until the one night, I was pretty much scolding God begging for him to offer me some guidance as to what I should do next. I was BEYOND lost,  I had left a job with bosses I actually liked to go be a big shot and I was FAILING at it. Except I wasn’t actually failing I was excelling at my job; I just hated every single minute of it.

I kid you not, God hit me with an idea that night.  “What if you could go back but in a different roll. Call them, ask them if you could step off the sales floor and into a marketing position.”

THE.VERY.NEXT.DAY my phone rang as I was on my way to a job interview I really didn’t want to go to. “Hey Jess, we know you have a lot going on with your new job and all but would you by any chance be interested in helping us part-time with our social media and digital marketing?”

God is real! He is listening, he is guiding, you just have to have those antennas up. If you are in need of change in your life ask for guidance don’t dwell in your misfortunes.

Less than 48 hours later, we met for lunch we talked through my needs and theirs. I accepted the position as their new Marketing Manager. I quit that sales job I hated so much the next day.

As you can see, the history made it hard to want to leave again. I loved my job but I was a mother now. Working in a busy retail setting just wasn’t working for me. Nights and weekends away from my family was taxing my heart. I hated missing so many precious moments. Enter God again.

“What if you created a business that allowed you to help other business owners with their digital marketing needs?”

In March of 2014, after much deliberation and anxiety leading up to the big day, I traded in my heels for happiness. Only this time I knew there was no going back. Plot twist, my bosses asked if they could be my first client. Good thing I showed up with a proposal prepared.

This was me, buying the latest and greatest iMac in preparation to start my job. Probably the biggest purchase I had ever made for myself at that point and I wasn’t even sure I was going to have the income to pay for it.

If you are out there considering starting a business, DO IT! Obviously, not everyone can just quit their job to start a business but that doesn’t mean you can’t get it going. Build it a little each day until you can walk away from your career.

Entrepreneurship requires a lot of sacrifice, and you will give a lot to get a little in the beginning but I have NEVER looked back. I will never look back.

Four years later, I am now the owner of two home-based businesses and home with my kids more than ever before. Freedom is the most beautiful gift you can give yourself and your family.

If you have any questions about how I got started in terms of the logistics of starting a business, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.




Welcome to Trading Heels for Happiness

Welcome to Trading Heels for Happiness


My name is Jessica Reiter. I am a wife to my high school arch nemesis, mother to a six year old boss babe and two year old identical twin terrors. Trading Heels for Happiness was something I originally created in 2014 as a way to document my transition from employee to entrepreneur. Today, I own two home-based businesses, that have empowered me to stay home with my girls without having to sacrifice my professional passions.

I’ve grown and learned A LOT about A LOT since then so I decided it was time to rebrand and relaunch.

This will evolve because I am a believer that perfection isn’t real and that it is best to just start instead of waiting for everything to be just right.

A quick little bit about what you can expect:

  • Business Advice, more particularly in the areas of start-up, branding, social media strategy and customer service best practices.
  • Beauty, I am a lover of all things skincare, makeup, hair and fashion although I rarely have time to actually shower or get dressed.
  • Babes, expect to laugh as I share stories about ALL of my babes even my husband. I am very much a family first girl.
  • Beyond, random rants or sharing of various topics.

My goal is to help others grow in their roles as wives, mothers, and entrepreneurs.

Thank you for visiting, I hope I have shared something that inspires you.